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General Conditions: Renter agrees to rent the trailer(s) specified above from Happier Camper Rentals LLC. The renter agrees to pay the aforementioned rental fees for the entire rental term specified and to return the trailer(s) in the same condition as received, reasonable wear and tear expected. The renter also agrees to be responsible for the safe keeping of the trailer and to reimburse Happier Camper Rentals for any loss or damage that may occur during the rental period. If alcoholic beverages or food items are to be served from the trailer, it’s the renter’s responsibility to acquire all legal permits necessary. Insurance: If the rental is to be picked up and towed by the renter’s own vehicle, the renter or representative is responsible for towing insurance coverage for the trailer(s). Payment Terms: We accept payments by Check, Cash, Credit Card or PayPal. All rental charges are due at pick up or on delivery of the trailer(s), plus a refundable deposit of $500.00 per trailer by check, cash, or credit card. Renter agrees to pay the full rental rate for the entire period contracted even if the trailer is returned early. The deposit will be refunded upon completion of contractual obligations and after the inspection of the trailer(s). Cancellations: Cancellations within 30 days of confirmed rental may be subject to the forfeiture of your deposit, but we’ll do our very best to accommodate any necessary changes.